Driveline Analyzers

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Increase your technicians' efficiency. Reduce vehicle down time. Minimize part swapping... with Driveline Analyzers!

DVA 2.0 Plus - Basic System - $7,000.00

Are you dealing with excessive labor charges and unnecessary part changes every time you try to fix a vibration problem? The Basic Driveline Vibration Analyzer is designed specifically for use by technicians on the shop floor. The DVA Basic will pinpoint the root cause of a vibration, isolate the location of the problem, and will supply a suggested repair procedure to fix it.  

The DVA 2.0 Plus system has the same utility of the first generation MD300V for shop use, but it also has extra vibration sensors for added diagnostic capability (when linked with your DSMs advanced capability). It also includes an updated DAQ card that communicates via USB and is USB powered. 

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DVA 2.0 Plus - Advanced System - $11,000.00

The DVA Advanced Driveline Vibration Analyzer is a powerful vehicle development tool. Organizations involved in the engineering and manufacturing of vehicles, suspensions, tires, wheels, and driveline components can more effectively troubleshoot end-of-line vibration issues and field complaints with the Advanced DVA's comprehensive vibration analysis.

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