About TVT

John Bair founded TVT in 2007 after he retired from Eaton with 38 years of service. At the time of his retirement, he was Manager of Technology and Reliability at the Heavy Duty Transmission Division of Truck Components Operations. He spent a large part of his career working on noise and vibration measurement and analysis and solving vibration problems. In the mid 1990's he led a team that developed the original Driveline Vibration Analyzer (DVA). That tool measured torsional problems. It helped the industry understand and correct driveline angularity and clutch design issues. Having good driveline angles and softer clutches allowed the trucking industry to safely move to modern lower engine cruising speeds. Just prior to his retirement, he sponsored a project to upgrade the DVA. It now helps truck repair technicians to solve all kinds of vibration problems.

John is excited to be part of a push to help the trucking industry to be more efficient in solving their vibration problems. He sees the DAA and DVA tools as being significant factors in that movement.