Driveline Angle Analyzer Tool Kit p/n V V-KIT-03 Kit

Driveline Angle Analyzer Tool Kit p/n V V-KIT-03 Kit

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The customer upon purchasing the DAA tool will receive the official User Guide linking to the software download.

Driveline Angle Analyzer Tool Kit Helps Eliminate Torsional Vibration Problems

The tool kit diagnoses the driveline angles that cause torsional vibrations between the transmission and front and rear drive axles. Varying ride heights, angles and configurations can create torsional vibrations throughout the drivetrain, which in turn can cause noise complaints and vibrations that result in significantly reduced drivetrain component life. Frequently, vehicles are sensitive to small changes in driveline angles, making it virtually impossible even for a seasoned technician to visually inspect a driveline and see whether its component angles are going to lead to problems down the road. Eaton’s Driveline Angle Analyzer allows you to properly measure driveline angles and diagnose potential problems before serious damage to the equipment occurs. The analyzer also identifies corrections for optimum component life.

Each kit includes:

• DAA software on CD-ROM. Supported operating systems include: Windows 2000, NT and XP.

• Digital Protractor – automatically displays driveline angle settings – no visual guesswork involved.

• “V” Block – to ensure accurate measurement on short driveshaft surfaces.

• 12 foot tape measure – to determine driveshaft lengths.

• Black Pelican tool kit case with foam insert.

• Simple installation and instructions.

TVT p/n V V-KIT-03 Kit