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Our mission is to help our customers solve their truck vibration problems quickly and effectively.  Truck Vibration Technology (TVT) sells and supports the Eaton Driveline Vibration Analyzer (DVA) and Driveline Angle Analyzer (DAA). These tools are used to pinpoint the source of your truck's vibration, minimizing repair costs and vehicle downtime.  We can deliver you a system, train you on its use, provide data analysis support, and help you solve your vibration problems quickly and effectively.  Please contact us today!


The Eaton DVA is simply the best vibration tool out there. It is widely used throughout the US and Canada to diagnose the basic causes of truck vibration. It tells you specifically where to look to save the waste and frustration associated with randomly changing parts. With the data it provides you can get right to the heart of the problem immediately and save thousands of dollars in labor, parts, and customer downtime. The brochure and user guide give details of the use and cost.

The Eaton Driveline Angle Analyzer (DAA) has long been used to measure and correct problem drivelines. It is available from TVT. Click on Products on left.