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Increase your technicians' efficiency. Reduce vehicle down time. Minimize part swapping......with Driveline Analyzers!

MD300V - Basic System (Reconditioned) - $4000

Are you dealing with excessive labor charges and unnecessary parts changes every time you try and fix a vibration problem? The Eaton MD300V Basic Driveline Vibration Analyser is designed specifically for use by technicians on the shop floor. These systems have proven themselves over time to be very effective. They have been rebuilt to assure the reliable performance that is time proven. Learn more.

DVA 2.0 Plus - Basic System - $6000

This system has the utility of the MD300V for shop use, but it has extra vibration sensors for added diagnostic capability when linked with your DSMs advanced capability. It can determine whether engine and cab mounts are isolating vibration properly or not. It also has hardware upgrades, like a USB link, and upgraded connectors to assure reliable usage. Learn more.

DVA 2.0 Plus - Advanced System - $10,000

The Eaton DVA Advanced Driveline Vibration Analyzer is a powerful vehicle development tool. Organizations involved in the engineering and manufacturing of vehicles, suspensions, tires, wheels, and driveline components can more effectively troubleshoot end-of-line vibration issues and field complaints with the Advanced DVA's comprehensive vibration analysis. Learn more.

DAA Kit - $500

Eaton's Driveline Angle Analyzer tool kit is an easy-to-use diagnostic system that allows you to measure, diagnose and correct driveline angle problems in medium and heavy drivetrains. Learn more.

DAA Thumb Drive - $100

This software allows the service technician to calculate the effect of measured driveline angles on torsional vibration. In the corrective mode, it calculates the effect of changes in component set up on torsional vibration.